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Model Construction Safety Program and Jobsite Safety Standards Package ©

Are you in compliance?


BUILDERS: You are required to abide by the requirements found in 29 CFR 1926 (OSHA Health and Safety Standards for the Construction Industry) as a minimum standard of safety.

TAB’s Model Construction Safety Program and Jobsite Safety Standards Package© was developed with input from OSHA safety experts, custom and volume builders, remodelers, and attorneys who specialize in OSHA law. TAB members and staff conferred with OSHA officials during multiple visits and communications with OSHA Region 6 Headquarters regarding the Model Safety Plan. (Region 6 includes Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico.) The Model Safety Plan reflects input from OSHA Region 6 Headquarters and incorporates accepted best practices that, when utilized correctly, should result in a safer and more productive work environment.

TAB’s Model Safety Plan and training webinar will provide you with comprehensive guidelines to help you train your employees regarding their responsibilities and to help you establish good safety procedures and systems for recordkeeping required by OSHA. Once you have viewed the webinar that trains you on the use of the Model Safety Plan, you will receive instructions for obtaining your Certificate of Completion from TAB.

In the event of an inspection by OSHA, the addition of the certificate to your safety plan shows that you are making every effort to comply with OSHA regulations.

At a cost to TAB members* of only $399.99 (plus sales tax), you will receive:

  1. Texas Association of Builders Model Construction Safety Program and Jobsite Safety Standards Package© that includes a User Guide and the Model Safety Plan.
  2. Access to a webinar that will train you on the use of the Model Safety Plan.
  3. A Certificate of Completion stating that you have completed the webinar that provided you with detailed information on developing your company’s safety plan using TAB’s OSHA-reviewed Model Safety Plan.

* The non-member price is $699.99 (plus sales tax).  Non-members will need to create a guest account before purchasing the contracts.


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