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The Texas Association of Builders is committed to providing the best education and information available. Whether it’s online, in a classroom at your HBA, or at the Sunbelt Builders Show™, TAB strives to provide you with the latest training on topics from code compliance to cyber security.

View the Latest Education Webinar:

Texas HB 3215 and Using the HERS Index for Energy Code Compliance | Zoom @ Noon | WATCH WEBINAR

Education Sessions/ Webinars

Keynote/Inspirational Speakers:

Ali Wolf - Texas Housing Trends, Forecasts, and Insights | WATCH WEBINAR

David Avrin feat. SaulPaul - Your Customers Are Changing! Are You? How to Future-Proof Your Business and Win in a Remarkable New World! | WATCH WEBINAR

Bobby Bones - Fail Until You Don't | WATCH WEBINAR

Kevin Brown - The HERO Effect

Robert Dietz and Larry Haines - The Future of Housing | WATCH WEBINAR

Alan Graham - Community Can! | WATCH WEBINAR

Hon. Kent Hance  - The Best Storyteller in Texas | WATCH WEBINAR

Nate Holzapfel - Building. Business. Relationships. | WATCH WEBINAR

Matthew Pollard - The Rapid Growth Guy | WATCH WEBINAR

Roy Spence - The Promiseland Project | WATCH WEBINAR

Robert Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice - Stop, Collaborate and Listen | WATCH WEBINAR

Darren Woodson - Accepting Change | WATCH WEBINAR

Education Sessions/Webinars:

Building Best Practices:

An Exciting New Path to Energy Code Compliance | Zoom @ Noon | WATCH WEBINAR

Healthier Homes: Creating a Toxin-Free Living Environment | WATCH WEBINAR

High Performance Building Best Practices | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Horrible Houses Like the One You are Building Right Now and the Terrible Clients who Live in Them - Building Forensic Stories and Lessons to Learn from Them | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Innovative Solutions to Affordable Housing | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

On-site vs. Off-site Construction Methods | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Preventing Pool Installation Pitfalls | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Smart Home Technologies | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Succeed with Design-Build | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Truly Impact Your Client's Lives: Become a Green Living Expert | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR


Business Practices:

A Brave New World? The Present and Potential Future of Mechanic’s Liens | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

A Powerful Model to Failure-Proof Your Business | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Building a Team to Take Customer Service to the Next Level | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Construction Industry and Texas Taxes Sales, Franchise, Motor Fuels, Audit Issues | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

A Day in the Life of the Customer | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Diversification: Capitalizing on New Business Opportunities | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Finding Hidden Profits: Making Money With Allowances, Change Orders and Specifications. | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Key Steps in Leveraging Influence for Leadership | WATCH WEBINAR

Managing Customer Expectations | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Navigating the New World | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

The New Construction Buyer: Trends and Data You Need to Help Meet Consumer Demand Today | Zoom @ Noon | WATCH WEBINAR

Partners in Homebuilding: Couples who are Teams in Marriage and Business | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

A Primer on the Build 2 Rent Business Model | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Property Claims 101: Tips and Insights on the Claims Process | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Setting the Stage to Maximize Profits | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Strategic Business Planning & Succession Planning – Should You Do It? | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Strategies for Success | WATCH WEBINAR



Air Tight Energy Code Solutions for Single Family and Multifamily Builders | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Texas’ HB 3215 – What You Need to Know! | WATCH WEBINAR 


Creating Homes that Support Today's Lifestyle and Tomorrow's Memories | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Designing for 2020 and Beyond | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Fickle Features and Finishes Emerging Trends in Color and Design | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR


2021 Housing Forecast | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

2021 Mid-Year Housing Forecast | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

2022 Housing Forecast | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Robert Dietz and Larry Haines - The Future of Housing | Keynote Speakers | WATCH WEBINAR

Town Hall Meeting on Taxes and the Economy | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR



Beyond Mobile: The Top 5 Website Elements for an Optimal User Experience | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Create a Kick Butt Marketing Plan | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Crisis Communication via Social Media | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Digital Marketing 101: Leveraging Online Media for Your Business | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Digital Transformations = Headaches (Maybe). Proven Tools & Best Practices to see Results in 2021 & Beyond | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Proven Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Secrets to Engaging and Delighting Today’s Millennial Buyer | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

The Sales & Marketing Success Funnel How to Attract, Close, and Retain Business | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR


Member Programs:
Insider's Guide to Legislative Changes, TAB contracts & Money Saving Benefits | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Member Benefit: Mylo Insurance | TAB Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR



Be the Workforce Solution: Developing an Exceptional Team | WATCH WEBINAR

It’s Up To Us: Engaging the Construction Industry in Training and Employing our Future Workforce | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Restoring Pride in the Trades: A Case Study on Creating a High School Tiny House Program | Zoom @ Noon Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Thinking Outside the Box: Developing Partnerships to Solve Our Workforce Shortage | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR


Virtual Demo:

Quoting 80% Faster – A Game-Changer For Your Business with Buildxact | Zoom @ Noon Virtual Demo | WATCH DEMO


Member Benefit: TAB Escalation Clause 2019 – 2021 Contracts – Don Shelton | TAB Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Protect Your Business with TAB's Texas Residential Construction Contracts | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Residential Construction Contracts | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

TAB’s 2017 – 2019 Texas Residential Construction Contracts | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

Texas Residential Construction Contracts | Sunbelt Edu. | WATCH WEBINAR

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