As a member of TAB, you are entitled to receive the benefits of programs and services that are not available to the general public. Many of these programs are discounted or enhanced for members and they provide revenue back to the association. Additionally, company representatives are members of TAB.

In addition to TAB programs and benefits, NAHB and your local HBA offer a variety of programs to the membership. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with all of these great opportunities.

Savings Through Advocacy and Member Programs

TAB’s advocacy efforts on the state level potentially save $15,000 per home start

A builder member can save on average $5,500 by taking advantage of TAB’s various programs and services

By taking advantage of the associations’ discount and rebate programs, a minimum of $500 can be saved by an HBA member each year. A list of TAB’s member programs can be found at:

The value of NAHB services and advocacy victories on the federal level totals an average of $5,500 per home start for a typical homebuilder 

TAB Member Programs (pdf)  |  TAB Membership Brochure (pdf)

Association Insurance Solutions (AIS) has expanded the TAB / State Auto personal line insurance program to receive multiple quotes from multiple carriers on home and auto insurance.

➔  15 Minutes to Save Money
➔  Multiple quotes to ensure the most savings
➔  24/7 access to secure online quoting
➔  Supported by a team of experienced licensed agents
➔  Customized coverage no matter how complex your insurance needs may be

In addition to State Auto, participating carriers include:

Liberty Mutual
The General

National General Insurance
Mercury Insurance

Customers, Employees, Friends and Family are ALL eligible to SAVE MONEY!

(855) 786-0937

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TAB represents your interests at the Texas Capitol and before state regulatory agencies.  Through its lobbying efforts and relationships with state officials, TAB is protecting your interests year-round. In addition, members are encouraged to participate in TAB’s Rally Day, held during each Texas Legislative Session, and to contribute to TAB’s political action committee, HOMEPAC. Visit the Government Affairs section of this website for more information on TAB’s legislative activities.

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Business Growth Partners specializes in helping builders, remodelers and associate members grow, systemize and streamline their businesses and, in the process, help them increase their bottom line. They work only with builders association members – they do not work with the general public. Their Business Diagnostic Plan of Action (BPA) Creation Process requires you to invest a few hours of your time over the course of a few weeks as Growth Partners does their analysis to create and deliver your BPA. Your BPA/Strategic Plan will be provided to you at the end of this process and will include a “de-brief” where they identify and explain their findings to help you get the most out of your business. Once the team at Growth Partners delivers your BPA, you may be eligible for additional coaching services. For more information, please download the following PDF documents: 

What is a BPA?
Growth Partners and TAB’s Pilot Program

BPA Redemption Steps

If you are interested, please visit, click on “Redeem Your BPA” then “HBA Members.”


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Every drop counts Take the Water ReNu challenge.

With the most sophisticated controller, meter based vs. timed irrigation, a fully automated filter, and real-time monitoring, IrriGRAY achieves 95% irrigation efficiency.

Texas Association of Builders (TAB) members receive a 5% rebate for the purchase of one system, or a 10% rebate for the purchase of multiple systems on the same order. (Rebates to be determined on a quarterly basis and paid the following month.)

A 1.25% marketing rebate to the Texas Association of Builders AND an additional 1.25% donation to the Texas Builders Foundation, the charitable arm of TAB, will be made for each IrriGRAY system purchased by TAB members. Be sure to see Water ReNu at the Sunbelt Builders Show™.

For more information or to purchase IrriGRAY:
(844) grayh2o    
(844) 472-9426

Press Release (PDF) 

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As a builder or remodeler member of TAB, you can earn money for products you are already buying. Sign up today to learn if you are eligible to receive quarterly rebates from dozens of manufacturers. If associate members supply or install any of the 50+ manufacturer brands, they can register to be listed in the Directory with a link to its website. Remind builders and remodelers that it’s good to do business with another member.

For more information and to register for this simple program, visit to start adding money back to your bottom line. Participation is free and easy. Sign up today.

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TAB’s Model Safety Plan and training webinar will provide you with comprehensive guidelines to help you train your employees regarding their responsibilities and to help you establish good safety procedures and systems for recordkeeping required by OSHA. 

Learn about TAB’s Model Safety Plan and how to order the package

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Membership in the Texas Association of Builders is a great value!


TAB Member Programs (pdf)  |  Value of Advocacy (pdf)


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As a member of TAB, you may be eligible for discounts through National Purchasing Partners (NPP). To learn which national companies are a part of NPP and for eligibility information, register today at By registering you are not obligating yourself to any purchase; you are giving yourself access to their website and the opportunity to learn more about their portfolio of discounted products and services.

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We make it easy for you to do business with a member! The online TAB Product Depot has been customized so that you don’t have to wade through irrelevant “hits” when you’re searching the Internet for a product. Access the product depot from the TAB's home page or at TAB member and sponsor listings appear with a special symbol next to their names.

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As a member of the Texas Association of Builders, you are a stakeholder in the Sunbelt Builders Show™. Sunbelt is fully owned and operated by TAB and is its largest revenue-generator, behind dues and the endorsed insurance program. Visit for complete Show information.

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Available only to builder members, TAB’s contracts package subscription is your blueprint for typical construction and remodeling transactions and can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees. At $399.99* (+ tax) the two-year subscription includes eight residential construction and remodeling contracts, as well as dozens of related addenda and associated agreements.

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Developed with the backing of the strongest insurance carriers serving the Texas building industry, the exclusive TAB Endorsed Insurance Program offers new, flexible options and rates that are more competitive than ever before. Products include General Liability, Builders’ Risk, Worker’s Compensation, Excess Liability and Commercial Umbrella. For a complete list of program agents, visit or call (866) 837-4507.

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