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Every drop counts. Take the Water ReNu challenge.

With the most sophisticated controller, meter based vs. timed irrigation, a fully automated filter, and real-time monitoring, IrriGRAY achieves 95% irrigation efficiency.


Texas Association of Builders (TAB) members receive a 5% rebate for the purchase of one system, or a 10% rebate for the purchase of multiple systems on the same order. (Rebates to be determined on a quarterly basis and paid the following month.)


A 1.25% marketing rebate to the Texas Association of Builders AND an additional 1.25% donation to the Texas Builders Foundation, the charitable arm of TAB, will be made for each IrriGRAY system purchased by TAB members.


For more information or to purchase IrriGRAY:

(844) grayh2o

(844) 472-9426

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