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TAB Introduces “Stormwater Training Webinar and Self-Certification Program”

In an ongoing effort to increase compliance with stormwater regulations and acknowledge good construction site management practices, over the last year TAB, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) have developed an updated stormwater training program that is now available online.

You will receive:
• A moderated webinar
• A Letter of Introduction
• A PDF of the webinar slides and transcript
• An overview of the Stormwater Self-Certification Program
• Self-Certification FAQs
• A Stormwater Self-Assessment Checklist
• Helpful links to the TCEQ’s website
These materials are intended to provide you with an overview of federal stormwater rules, with an emphasis on how they are being applied and administered in the State of Texas. However, implementation of the training program and/or the self-certification program does not guarantee that you are in compliance with the law, nor does it guarantee immunity from any inspection or enforcement action by the EPA or TCEQ.
The training is available to TAB members for only $159.99 and $375.99 for non-members (plus sales tax).
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