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TAB Announces B2T Website

AUSTIN, TEXAS –  The Texas Association of Builders (TAB) is excited to announce its Builders2Trades website. This B2T site will serve TAB builder, developer and remodeler members while providing work opportunities for skilled tradespeople and suppliers in and around Texas.

Texas has a critical workforce shortage and is in need of trades professionals as well as building products and services. Before Hurricane Harvey and after, Texas has been lacking enough experienced construction trades professionals to meet demand. It’s TAB’s goal to match its members with the necessary skilled trades and/or services needed through this website.

This website is significant as it provides one central location for TAB members to search for skilled workers and suppliers in or around Texas. It's also beneficial to tradespeople, giving them the ability to upload their information in one central database for TAB builder, developer and remodeler members to view. Suppliers can benefit too by adding their company's name to the B2T Products/Services search that builders and trades professionals will use to find suppliers in their areas.

B2T will be updated daily as new entries are submitted. This platform will become one of the most valued member benefits provided by TAB.

TAB Builders/Developers/Remodelers: Search, here  (
Tradespeople: Submit your information, here (
Products/Services: Submit your information, here (

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