Changes in state law or regulations can be detrimental to your business. Your contribution to HOMEPAC is an investment in the future of our industry and one of the most affordable options for political involvement.

When making your donation enter the amount using whole numbers with no punctuation. EX: 5000   

Corporate donations are not accepted. Contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.  Contributions to the Texas Association of Builders HOMEPAC are voluntary and are used for political purposes. The amount indicated is merely a guideline, and you may contribute more or less than the suggested amounts.

HOMEPAC contributions are non-refundable.  If a credit card has been charged in error a full refund will be given.  Members who donate at the Capitol Club, Diamond Key, Platinum Key and Gold Key levels will receive annual renewal notifications.  A thirty (30) day written notice is required to cancel automatic payment plan memberships.  Cancellation requests should be sent to the HOMEPAC staff contact, Melinda Smith.