Government Relations

There are various means to allow members to become informed of the important legislative matters affecting the home building industry.

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TAB is dedicated to serving the business needs of Texas home builders, remodelers and developers.  To fulfill this commitment, TAB proudly advocates on behalf its members at the Texas Capitol.  Having TAB advocate on your direct behalf and for the overall home building industry is a significant membership benefit.

What was the outcome of TAB's work during 88th Legislative Session?

Read TAB's Session Summary Document

Note: These documents are available for TAB members through the Member only portal.

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The TAB staff works closely with elected state officials and regulatory agencies in the development and adoption of regulations, codes and standards for housing with the goal of creating safe, quality and common sense construction standards.

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HOMEPAC is TAB’s political action committee and is an essential component of TAB’s advocacy program.  It is through voluntary contributions that HOMEPAC can help to preserve a positive political climate for the residential construction and development industry in Texas.

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The government relations program is nationally recognized for its innovative programs and legislative successes. Legislation endorsed by the association has been passed which resulted in significant savings to the home building industry and in turn, to the home buying public. The association has routinely defeated a long list of bills potentially harmful to the industry.


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