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2017 Texas Builder Report

August 31 Texas Builder Report

HB 1449 | Ban Linkage Fees

August 16 Texas Builder 

July 18 Texas Builder 

May 29 Texas Builder Report

May 15 Texas Builder Report

April 18 Texas Builder Report

March 27 Texas Builder Report

March 6 Texas Builder Report

Feb. 6 Texas Builder Report

Jan. 23 Texas Builder Report

Jan. 10 Texas Builder Report


Texas Housing Hall of Honor

Chip Dence - 2017 Texas Housing Hall of Honor  

Michael Moore - 2017 Texas Housing Hall of Honor


Hiring a Qualified Contractor

2017 Texas Association of Builders Rally Day


Keynote Speakers:

Roy Spence "The Promiseland Project" 
Matthew Pollard "The Rapid Growth Guy"

Education Sessions:
A Powerful Model to Failure-Proof Your Business
Finding Hidden Profits: Making Money With Allowances, Change Orders and Specifications.
Proven Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business
Residential Construction Contracts
Secrets to Engaging and Delighting Today’s Millennial Buyer
Setting the Stage to Maximize Profits
Town Hall Meeting on Taxes and the Economy

Keynote Speakers:
Darren Woodson "Accepting Change" 
Nate Holzapfel "Building. Business. Relationships."

Education Sessions:
The Sales & Marketing Success Funnel How to Attract, Close, and Retain Business
A Brave New World? The Present and Potential Future of Mechanic’s Liens
Air Tight Energy Code Solutions for Single Family and Multifamily Builders
Construction Industry and Texas Taxes Sales, Franchise, Motor Fuels, Audit Issues
Fickle Features and Finishes Emerging Trends in Color and Design
TAB’s 2017 – 2019 Texas Residential Construction Contracts

All videos: Texas Association of Builders YouTube Channel  

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